Shark Fishing Gloucester MA

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Shark Fishing out of Gloucester MA 

Shark fishing has become a growing segment of our charter fishing industry.  With Blue Sharks, Mako sharks and the occasional Thresher Shark invading our waters in mid July and staying until Halloween, we usually have an ample supply of Sharks to consistently bend rods. Porbeagles, or as some would call ‘mackeral sharks’ also add the mix and is a cousin to the Mako Shark, and as good a tasting shark as well. Fishing usually involves drifting and chumming with set baits deployed behind the boat on floats. Shark FishingBaits can be chunks of just about anything from Herring to Mackeral to fillets of Bluefish. Shark outfits are usually 30’s and 50’s with wire leaders so as not to get ‘bit off’. There is nothing quite like watching a large Mako Shark take to the air in one of their circus type jumps. Lately, the past couple of years, there has been some talk of Great White

Shark Fising

Sharks in our local waters, hmmmm. Wonder how they would fight!
 Shark visits the Kelly Ann Charter Boat out of Gloucester MA
Shark Fishing Gloucester
Massachusetts Fishing aboard the Kelly Ann
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