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Bluefish Fishing Gloucester MA

One of our other inshore fishing species targeted aboard the Kelly Ann is the wild Bluefish. Known as a voracious predator, they attack schools of baitfish with wild abandon. Razor sharp teeth make the Bluefish a formidable threat to any inshore fish. Bluefish FishingTechniques usually involve trolling a combination of varied lures from the Kelly Ann. One of my favorites is a local home made rig we call ‘the tormentor’. Where the name came from is still in question since I do not see a Tormentor lure on it, but what is not in question is how well this rig works. When schools of bluefish are finning on the surface and nothing seems to grab their attention this is the rig we put out, seems like it never fails! At other times we may set up a chum slick and lure the Bluefish up to our boat, where a wire leader is the order of business. Bluefish are on of the hardest fishing fish pound for pound in the ocean. As far as dinner, well that’s a 50/50. Depends who you talk to, but one tip I’ve found to be true is to soak the fillets in milk for 24 hours, it removes much of the ‘fish’ taste without removing all of the healthy oils Bluefish have.



Massachusetts Fishing aboard the Kelly Ann
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